Some great cedar guitar options for players of all skill levels

As you begin your search to find the perfect cedar guitar for you, the task can seem very daunting. With all the information available, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. However, with the right information, the process of finding the perfect cedar guitar for you can be painless and even very rewarding. Below, I’ve put together a short list of some great cedar guitars that are available for you to review to help you on your journey to the perfect instrument. Of course, these are not all the products out there; however, each would be a great place to start looking.

Yamaha CG122MC

As you may know, Yamaha is always a great place to start looking when looking for guitar products and cedar guitars are no different. This well-crafted 6-string classic features a solid American cedar top and bottom and nato sides, neck, and fingerboard. It is also the only instrument in this Yamaha series that has a matte finish. Take the great tone that the rosewood bridge produces on this instrument and add it to the fact that you can find it for just $ 200 and you have a great deal on a great cedar guitar.

Boulder Creek ECR4-BC

This is a beautiful cheap acoustic guitar from a relatively small music company. All Boulder Creek guitars feature solid tops, solid backs and laminated sides for strength and durability, and necks made from high-quality wood found throughout the world. Although these instruments are made with the sound port on top to direct the sound towards the player, these beautiful instruments still produce fantastic external sound and are perfect for working musicians. Add the signature buttercream finish to its great price of under $ 770 and it’s hard to pass up.

Seagull 029389 Coast

This beautiful 12-string guitar is just another great path you can take when looking for the perfect cedar guitar. Nothing can beat the tone produced by this great 12-string Seagull product. The straight string pull of the Seagull tapered headstock is an especially big advantage when it comes to tuning a 12-string guitar and keeping it in tune. Get all of this at the low price of under $ 500 and it’s pretty much a bargain.

As mentioned above, these are not the only cedar guitars that are available on the market; however, each of these would be a good starting point on your journey. Regardless of the instrument you choose, the most important thing is to find a cedar guitar that suits your personality and playing style. No matter what, remember to keep practicing and you’ll find yourself under bright lights in no time.

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