A Comparison of French Learning Programs

Many people each year make the decision to learn a new language. Some make it happen, while others let their goal fade instead of the next interesting idea that pops up. If you are part of the second group, stop making plans to learn a new language and just do it.

It is not that difficult to get into some online foreign language course and you will feel better about yourself in the long run. Online French learning programs, for example, are some of the most popular. After all, everyone wants to learn the language of love! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular websites to help you learn French online.

smart french

The Smart French program engages both your auditory and visual senses. It incorporates three CD-ROMs for the three stages of teaching: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

A series of seven interviews will slowly guide you through the Beginner’s CD-ROM. He will learn greetings and the very basic communication skills that native French speakers use on a daily basis. Audio teaches you more than just words. You’ll hear how words are used together and how well they flow together to create complete sentences. Conversations are based on much more than just words put together to form a sentence.

The creators of the Smart French program encourage viewers to view and review any level at any time. A visit to the beginners course is enough to give you a basic understanding but to fully understand it; you should review the entire CD-ROM several times. Go through each lesson until you are comfortable with the way the words flow. Practice makes perfect!

france pub

The France Pub program offers a pre-test of the French language to assess your existing knowledge. Includes print words and audio examples to help enrich your vocabulary. After becoming familiar with basic words and phrases, you will be introduced to commonly used grammar, verbs, and nouns.

You can brush up on your French grammar anytime with online lessons, books, and audio clips. Each lesson in France Pub is created to simulate everyday conversations. The rules surrounding the male and female tenses will be covered as you get closer to them.

bonjour online

The Bonjour website offers a wide range of greetings that are used on a daily basis. To learn a new word or phrase, simply select it from a list, see it printed in the box, and press the arrow key to hear it. You can then speak the word until you feel comfortable with it. Eight pages of lessons guide you through sentences ranging from greetings to asking for directions; even engage in intimate conversation with the opposite sex. Each of the eight pages follows a simple layout and is very easy to use.

Why learn French online?

People choose online French lessons for a variety of reasons. Ease of use and convenience are two of the most popular reasons for choosing an online French course over a conventional face-to-face course. People are busy and often choose to participate in educational classes that fit into their schedule or have no schedule at all. Self-education is often considered the best form of education simply because people learn at their own pace and are not restricted or overly stressed by time constraints. Whichever type of French lesson you choose to follow is entirely your choice.

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