Basic Spanish Phrases

It is entirely possible to travel through Spanish speaking countries with only very basic Spanish phrases in mind. I spent a few months traveling around Central and South America and although I now speak very good Spanish, I would say that 80% of my interactions involve just basic Spanish phrases!

saying hello

Most people in Latin American countries are very friendly. I often find myself greeting, and being greeted by, just about everyone I pass! These are the most common phrases we exchange:

Good morning Good Morning
Good morning – good morning (to a single person)
How are you? – how are you
Well, and you? – well and you?

Saying goodbye

When you walk into stores in Latin America, there are a surprisingly large number of things you can say to say “goodbye.” Here are the ones I used most commonly:

Goodbye – goodbye (universal)
Ciao – goodbye (Central America)
See you later – see you later / see you later

If you’re going to be traveling, I recommend just walking into one or two stores and seeing what they say when you leave.

study your spanish first

I do NOT recommend just learning these phrases blindly and no other Spanish at all. The reason for this is that not only will it sound very strange to Spanish speakers, but you probably won’t be able to retain these words without knowing SOME Spanish.

The easiest way to incorporate some basic Spanish lessons is through audio learning in your car. Get a Spanish instruction CD, plug it in while driving your car, and you’ll build a very good foundation in Spanish in just two weeks. How much time do you spend in your car: 10, 12 hours a week, more? Take advantage of that time!

These are basic Spanish phrases that I use most commonly in Latin America. There is more to it than that, but this is a good foundation. Build a foundation in Spanish and you will excel at speaking these phrases!

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