¿En cuáles países se usa la palabra “flojo” para decir “perezoso” (o “lazy” en inglés)?

Good! I have heard that it can be used as a synonym for “lazy”, “lazy”, “lazy”, etc., but I wonder where it is used like that in the Spanish-speaking world?

[Esta página](https://www.tellmeinspanish.com/vocab/lazy-in-spanish/) indicates (in English) that it is more popular in Latin America, but I wanted to ask native speakers or those who have been to Spanish-speaking countries here for get your comments/opinions on this: > As you already know, *lazy* is a very popular way of saying *lazy* in Spanish. Although it is a standard and common word, in this context, ‘flojo’ is more popular in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, since it can have other meanings in Spanish. Thanks in advance!

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