Enjoy Learning Spanish Online With an International Pen Pal

Before computers became a common part of homes, people communicated through letters. And part of the fun of sending a letter was receiving one in return. The fun of communicating with someone far away is still there, but now, emails are the way to go.

Perhaps you would like to join in the fun and learn Spanish with an email friend!

The process is really quite simple, if you understand a bit about computers and if you are curious to find the right cultural exchange site online. A great site is lingolex.com/Spanish.htm where the developers have created two great resources for learning Spanish online while developing friendships. A resource is a list of email links to pen pals who want to learn to speak English. In fact, they can practice learning and teaching each other through email. The other resource is an online chat room, where you can chat in English or Spanish. These are two very convenient and popular ways to communicate, and you can make the most of your Spanish learning by taking advantage of them.

Another online pen pal website that offers friends in Spanish is called mylanguageexchange.com. This site offers letter writing tips from language exchange learning experts. This site follows the Cormier method, which basically states that you should practice 50% of the time in your own language and then 50% of the time in Spanish. This way, your online learning partner will have the same opportunity to practice with you. Another suggestion of this method is to form a group of 2 to 4 people so that multiple interactions with different people can be experienced, intensifying the learning process. To enhance the learning process, the site offers voice chat, text chat, a club library, bulletin board, translations, lesson plans, and word games.

For an online pen pal site that has member photo profiles and lists of the languages ​​they can help with plus the languages ​​they need help with, visit interpals.net. This site offers 100% free membership and looks similar to popular matchmaking sites. The site outlines each participating member, with a post about what they want to include on their profile, plus login times, so others can gauge their level of interest and activity on the site. For anyone looking for friendship as well as learning Spanish, this could be your online site.

In general, there are many online pen pal sites for learning Spanish, and each one offers a few different options than its competitors. The best thing about choosing this way to learn Spanish online is that you will have many opportunities to practice speaking Spanish with many other people eager to learn, and in most cases there is no cost for membership. And, most sites offer additional paid study courses for those who feel the need for a little extra help.

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