How to Get Good French Pronunciation

SET UP. Try to leave out the accent of your mother tongue and be prepared to make some adjustments. If you find it difficult, don’t worry and don’t be discouraged. You can’t do this with just a snap of a finger, so do it gradually. Adapt to the French accent little by little.

LISTEN. To fully understand how French words are pronounced, you need to listen carefully. Listening is your key. Listen and pay attention to how the words are pronounced. Then listen and repeat. Repeat the words correctly as they are mentioned. You can do this until you are attuned to the French sound, as if it is the only accent you know and nothing else. You can start by listening to audio CDs or tapes, movies and TV shows in French. Like music, you must be able to dance to its rhythm and learn it by heart.

PRACTICE. There is nothing comparable to practice when it comes to mastery, and language is no exception. Try to speak French as much as you can. When you’re shopping, for example, try saying what’s on your list in French, counting your cans of tuna in French, or pretend you’re in France and no one speaks English. You can also try to find a native French speaker to practice and speak with. There are many people looking for language exchange partners. If you can’t find a French language exchange partner, hiring a French tutor is your next alternative. But the good thing is that you can always check with your tutor how you are doing with your French pronunciation.

To acquire good French pronunciation, you need to listen very carefully to how words are pronounced and practice. Prepare, listen and practice! And then what follows is more practice… French words are very complicated, so doing your best to pronounce the words correctly at the earliest stage of learning can go a long way in becoming a good speaker. from French.

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