Learn Spanish – Review of Top Spanish Courses – Part I

Do you want to learn Spanish? If you go to a bookstore or even online, you will find many different Spanish courses. From audio to software and everything in between. It can be confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Our goal is to review several different Spanish courses so that you can find the one that best suits your needs. Maybe you travel several hours a day and want to take an audio course so you can learn while driving or traveling. Maybe you like to learn while sitting at your computer. You may learn better by being able to see words and would like to see books included in your course.

Whatever your needs, we detail the different Spanish courses so that you can easily choose the one that best suits your needs. Are you traveling for fun? For business? Do you want to learn a lot of Spanish or just a little? Read on and we’ll help you decide which course is best for you.

Advantages of the Spanish Pimsleur Method

Best rated in learning to speak Spanish in an audio CD course. Repetition helps you remember what you are learning. Pimsleur is easy to use and the immediate gratification of being able to carry on a conversation helps you keep learning. Pimsleur Spanish is all audio, so you don’t have to read a manual.


It is a great course to learn to speak and understand the Spanish language, but it does not teach you to read or write the Spanish language. There are no manuals, just a small reading booklet that will teach you the basics of learning to read the Spanish language. With Pimsleur you will learn to speak the language, but you will need grammar books, verbs and lots of flashcards to increase your vocabulary and a writing workbook to really expand your language skills.


The Pimsleur Method offers 38 different language courses in audio CD format and instant download. Instant download gives you immediate access to the course. You can also burn CDs or save the files on your MP3 player. The cost is expensive but the results are impressive. The Pimsleur Method is perhaps the best course on the market to take a beginning language learner to a competent conversational speaker. Pimsleur is like having your own personal tutor. Pimsleur Spanish is ideal for a person on the go and can be heard in the car, train, bus or plane. You will surely learn to speak and converse with Pimsleur Spanish courses. All Pimsleur Spanish courses are Latin American Spanish.

Advantages of Linguaphone Spanish [http://www.speakalanguage.com/linguaphone-spanish.html?u=7&cp=body+link&site=article+learn+spanish+review+of+top+spanish+courses+part+I]

A first-class course that gives you everything you need to learn to speak, read and write the Spanish language. Linguaphone has been in the language business for over 100 years and bases its courses on “listening, understanding and speaking”. Linguaphone’s Spanish courses have very good manuals that contain the dialogue so that you can refer to it to make sure you understand it. Some people feel that they are the “best course” they have used.


Some of the dialogue needs to be listened to very carefully and can be a bit difficult to listen to. In some cases, having a basic knowledge of the Spanish language would make Linguaphone’s Spanish courses more effective. Linguaphone’s Spanish courses can progress quite quickly and sometimes without adequate repetition. Listening to a Pimsleur Spanish course first could be helpful and then use Linguaphone’s Spanish courses to expand your language skills, vocabulary, listening comprehension, etc. Linguaphone prices range from fairly inexpensive to expensive, but it is well worth the investment.


Linguaphone has 15 languages ​​in CD format. Most of the reviews on Linguaphone are positive. Covers all basic language, speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. There is a minority of people who do not like Linguaphone courses, but they are few. It is a very comprehensive course and it is worth the money. People who like written transcriptions of audio will like Linguaphone. The narrators of the Linguaphone courses are English-speaking and the Spanish learned is Castilian.

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