Learn Spanish – Why You Should Learn to Speak Spanish

Are you thinking of learning a second language? Spanish can be a good option, especially if you live in the United States, where there is a growing population of Spanish speakers.

Many people speak Spanish. In fact, it is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. About 400 million people speak Spanish, including almost half of the Western Hemisphere. Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries, including Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Cuba, and Costa Rica.

But there are more reasons why it is worth learning Spanish.

First of all, Spanish is easier to learn than most other languages. The reason is that Spanish shares many words with English. English speakers find grammar easier than Slavic languages ​​like Russian or Asian languages ​​like Japanese or Mandarin. And it’s easy to pronounce. While English learners may have a hard time pronouncing difficult words like “pneumonia,” you won’t have that problem with Spanish. Spanish is a phonetic language and words are pronounced as they are written.

Spanish is an excellent language to travel with as it is spoken in many of the most popular tourist destinations such as Cancun, Punta Cana and Ibiza. Being able to speak the local language and communicate with the native population makes traveling easier and provides a more satisfying travel experience.

Did you know that learning Spanish will sharpen your mind? Learning a new language is good for the brain. You may have seen articles in the news about how seniors can prevent mental aging and stay mentally sharp by learning or speaking a second language.

Speaking a second language feels good. It makes you feel smart. It makes you feel like you have accomplished something valuable and important. It gives you confidence in yourself.

It’s also a great way to make new friends. You will meet new study partners. You will meet teachers and tutors. You will practice your Spanish by chatting with people via email, instant messaging or Skype.

Learning Spanish could also be for your pocket. I could help you get a job. Being able to speak a second language looks good on your resume and could open doors for you in a globalized economy.

After learning to speak Spanish, why stop there? Once you know how to speak Spanish, it will be easier for you to learn other romance languages ​​like Italian and French. The grammar and much of the vocabulary are similar. Also, Portuguese will be a piece of cake.

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