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I don’t know about you, but every time I see a website that promotes you to learn Spanish in 3 days, I get terribly angry. I know they are doing it to make money by cheating you.

Learning to speak Spanish is a long-term process. It will require your time, energy and some of your money. Patience also plays an important role during the learning process.

If you plan to learn Spanish using the old school system, it may take you longer to learn because most of them are boring and expensive. In the modern world of the Internet, there are many fun ways to learn Spanish. This option would allow you to learn Spanish the way you wanted.

However, if you are serious about learning Spanish fast, there are several golden rules that you should follow.

1 # Start now

Most people are always late when they decide to do something. They always give excuses like “I’m not in the mood today” or “I’m really busy today, my schedule is full but I can start tomorrow”. As a result, most of them never get started and make tons of excuses blaming everything other than themselves. But what will you get in the end, NOTHING.

2# Practice Practice Practice

Practice makes perfect, the saying is true. Do you think you could speak Spanish fluently in 6 weeks? Of course you do, if you practice a lot. Think about the benefits you will get if you sacrifice 6 weeks to learn Spanish. Think about the people you will meet if you can speak Spanish, and think about the opportunity you might have if you learn to speak Spanish. The benefits are so great that they are wasted.

3 # Make mistakes

People are afraid of error. But you know what, only losers are afraid of making mistakes. If you don’t like the risk of making mistakes, you are wasting your opportunity to improve. Come on, no one is perfect in the world. Making mistakes is not a sin. Human beings learn by making mistakes. It is the error that teaches them.

Many thanks “Thank you very much”.

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