Learning a Language – Five Ways to Speed Up the Process of Learning a New Language

Today, it is not out of place to see people wanting to learn a new language in record time, especially when considering the hectic lifestyle many lead in their quest to make a career out of their job, profession or discipline; or to provide for themselves and their families on a daily basis and better yet to meet a felt need or accomplish a specific goal within a specific time frame.

Whatever your reason or excuse today, you can improve the way you learn and speed up the language learning process and mastery of your new language appreciably.

The five ways you can speed up the process of learning whatever new language you choose or decide on today are as follows:

ONE- Get an interactive language learning course/guide.

You need to connect with your new language in every way and be able to see yourself speaking that new language in a way that is easy, fun and interesting, otherwise the learning process becomes a chore and a drag. There are courses, guides and teaching aids that can make learning a new language fun and easy to follow with a step-by-step method where each lesson builds on the previous one(s) taught or learned(s). You need to be creatively inspired, mentally active and receptively entertained to want to learn everything there is to learn and master your new language quickly.

TWO- Master the basics first.

Know, understand and connect first to the basics of the new language you are being taught. Many language learners today skip a few lessons and/or modules and then hope to become proficient. Things don’t work well this way, otherwise you’ll find that it takes more effort to remember, recall, mix and form correct sentences and speak confidently and fluently while engaging in conversations with native speakers. At this time, you will be embarrassed when you are laughed at or mocked for your language skills in public or in front of your listeners.

THREE- Use the teaching aids provided.

An effective and interactive language learning course/guide must (must) have the following tools if it is to train and help train a new language learner from beginner to intermediate and finally to a professional level in the use and mastery of the language taught or learned today:

1. Ebook Guide/Manual.

2. MP3 audio lessons.

3. Flashcards.

4. Personal trainer, email/virtual support.

As a complement (although necessary but optional),

1. Interactive CD, VCD, DVD

2. Language software games.

3. Cards with pictures of words, guides.

FOUR- Practical Lessons Taught.

To help understand and learn to speak your new language, you should set aside time to practice and review all the lessons you have been taught or have learned in the course of your training. Learning a new language is not just a ‘touch and go’ affair, you need to keep practicing until you feel at home and can confidently speak it easily and naturally as local/native speakers do.

FIVE- Use personal/portable devices, devices and equipment to learn.

To help speed up your learning process and greatly reduce the time it takes to master and speak your new language, you can use personal/portable devices, devices, and equipment, such as your mobile phone or iPod, to listen, learn, review, and enjoy . MP3 language lessons on the go. Plus, you can make better use of your time and be more productive by listening to language lessons in MP3 or audio CD format in your car while driving around town (to work or anywhere else).

Using the home theater unit (if you have one) to play audio lessons while you are doing one task or another at home, such as when you are cooking, mowing the lawn, doing laundry, during your physical training or workout exercises, while relaxing on the sofa, etc.

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