Learning To Speak Spanish Online With The Net’s Most Popular Programs

As a native Spanish speaking instructor, I am going to talk about learning to speak Spanish online with the most popular programs on the net. I will review 3 programs. Much of this article is based on my personal experience. But it is also based on the personal experiences of my students and the Spanish Learning Newsletter.

1. Learning Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC)

Learning Spanish Like Crazy is my favorite audio course to learn to speak everyday conversational Latin American Spanish, as opposed to touristy Spanish. I have recommended this course to many of my personal students who have asked me to recommend a course designed to teach familiar or conversational Spanish. From what my students and subscribers have told me, LSLC owners provide some of the best customer service on the net.

2. Verbarrator

Although it is undoubtedly the best software to learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs, this software is underrated as a tool to help improve Spanish pronunciation. Based on my observations of my own students and how they have improved their ability to conjugate verbs and also based on what my subscribers to my Spanish learning newsletter have told me, this is the easiest and most fun way to learn Spanish verbs.

3. Spanish Synergy

This is another very popular course. Synergy is extremely useful for the student who has no experience learning Spanish or any other foreign language. Synergy will help the beginning student quickly start adding Spanish words and phrases to their vocabulary. To my knowledge, this course is only available online. From what my students and subscribers have told me, the course owner, Marcus, provides excellent customer service.

From Marcus Santamaria, comes a Spanish instruction that is model for anyone from 30 to 96 life of age who wants to quickly and easily get by in real-life Nation to verbalise with their amigos: Click Here

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