Meanings and Sample Sentences for Vocabulary Workshop Answers Level F Unit 2

The vocabulary workshop answers level f, unit 2 involves words that we rarely use in our daily conversation, which makes it difficult to understand. It is best to know their meanings and use them in the simplest statement possible for easier learning.

The following words are just some of the answers found in the Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 2 Answers. You can use the following meanings and examples to also guide you in creating your own sentences using the same words.

The first answer is the word improve, which means to improve or become better. As a national athlete, she has to improve to get the gold medal.

The second word is poise, which means poise or self-control. If you are a professional model, you should always show poise wherever you are.

The third word is bombastic, an adjective meaning pretentious or boastful language. Many government officials talk grandly to cover up their shortcomings.

The fourth answer is the word inexperienced, which is an adjective that refers to inexperienced or underdeveloped. We should never vote for an inexperienced candidate because he could become a supporter of overwhelming and misguided officials instead of leading the nation.

Fifth word is the noun foolishness which means nonsense. The audience did not agree with the speaker because everything he said is nonsense.

The sixth word is epitome, which means a typical example or a paradigm. Mother Teresa is an epitome of a Good Samaritan.

The seventh answer is to exhort is a verb that means to strongly urge or advise. Parents should exhort their children to the values ​​of a good education.

The eighth word is ex officio, which means by virtue of holding a certain position. The governor is the ex officio member of the committee.

The ninth answer is infringed, which is a verb that means to break or violate. To avoid any legal action, please do not infringe any patents.

The last word is to ingratiate, which means to bring oneself to the favor of another. The politician gave money to charity and had it published to ingratiate himself with admiration.

The vocabulary workshop responds to level f of unit 2, in fact, they are words that we do not encounter every day, but it is worth knowing and understanding them well. Building your vocabulary skills will also improve your communication skills.

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