Review of Fluenz Spanish Vs Pimsleur Spanish

In this article I will review the approach of Fluenz Spanish vs. Pimsleur Spanish. Both methods are very popular methods for learning Spanish. And each has its own pros and cons.

We will start with a review of Fluenz Spanish. One of the advantages of Fluenz is that it does NOT depend on a complete immersion system. Not having a full immersion system is ideal for adults who prefer to learn in great detail and explanations about Spanish grammar. Instructor Sonia Gil provides the student with many details and explanations that can really help the adult student. Another advantage is that Fluenz is an easy-to-use software-based program.

The negatives are what many Fluenz users would consider a benefit, such as the course not using full immersion. In other words, there are many explanations and “conversations” in English. For some, this is seen as a benefit and for others, a disadvantage.

Pimselur’s Spanish approach

The benefits of Pimsleur’s approach to Spanish is that the course is all audio, making it ideal for anyone who is a busy professional and just doesn’t have time to be “chained” to a computer. One downside to the Pimsleur is that Spanish is somewhat basic. Spanish is also extremely formal and somewhat archaic. You will not become fluent using Pimsleur on its own, but it is effective at learning basic words and sentences.

This program can be purchased over the Internet by MP3 download, as well as in CD packages.

If you prefer an audio-based program that covers more advanced Spanish than Pimsleur and uses more familiar Spanish rather than the more formal version found on Pimsleur, a viable alternative is Learn Spanish Like Crazy, which by the way also seems to be the Choice number 1 of my private students to whom I teach Spanish.

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