Seeking clarification on pronouncing the letters “i” and “e” in Spanish

Hi, I’ve started some self-study Spanish recently (I took classes in high school, but that’s been a while), and I wanted to get some clarification on the pronunciation of the letters “i” and “e” within words. My goal is to speak/pronounce words like they would in Spain, if that matters. So [this]( is the pronunciation guide I’ve been looking at. (Sorry I don’t know IPA.) – For the letter “i” I think I’m getting confused and trying to pronounce it in English, like in the word “clever” I can hear that it starts with an “ee” sound but I’m merging it with English pronunciation. “I” in Spanish is always the “ee” sound, correct? – For the letter “e” as in [entiendo]( actually sounds identical to the vowel sound in the English words “in”, “bin”, “pin”, etc. While in the words I like [tener]( what I hear most matches the way its pronunciation is described. I appreciate any and all helpful comments – Thanks folks.

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