Ways To Ask For A Kiss In Spanish

Here is a quick way to learn “kiss” and its variations in Spanish. It is a common word that English speakers want to know. If you’re already familiar with it, we’ll also look at some variations.

“Beso” is the common Spanish word for “kiss.” Unlike English, nouns in Spanish are classified as masculine or feminine. Masculine nouns use “el” instead of “the”. Feminine nouns use “la” instead of “the”. “Beso” is a masculine noun so “the kiss” would be “el beso”.

The plural form of kiss (kisses) is “kisses”. “The kisses” would translate to “the kisses.”

The verb for the English translation of “to kiss” is “besar”.

I want to kiss you. I want to kiss you. the kee-ehr-oh beh-sahr.

Here are two ways you can tell someone you want a kiss:

Kiss Me. Kiss Me. bEH-sah-meh.

Kiss Me. Kiss Me. dAH-meh oon beh-soh.

Let’s go to various versions of the word “kiss”. By changing the last part of the word you can change the meaning. Here are a couple of examples.

When people are learning Spanish, they discover that the translation for “pequeño” is “pequeño.” Natural thinking would assume that “little kiss” as you would use it in the sentence “give me a little kiss” would be “little kiss.” This is not a common way of saying that in Spanish.

In Spanish you don’t need two words for this. Simply by modifying the last part of the word you can change the meaning. “Little kiss” translates to “little kiss.”

Another example of changing meaning by modifying the end of the word is “Besotes”. This means big kisses or big sloppy kisses similar to the English word “smooches”.

The literal translation of “french kiss” is not used as much in Spanish. The literal translation of “french kiss” is “french kiss”. Some may know what you are talking about and you say it delicately, but the most natural way to say this is a literal translation of what a French kiss is. “Beso con lengua” which means “kiss with tongue” is the natural way of saying “french kiss” in Spanish. Not as elegant but much simpler.

The translation of “French kiss” is “to kiss with tongue”. The literal translation of that is “kiss with the tongue”.

What if you want to ask someone for a goodbye kiss? This is kind of a cheat. Even if you don’t know much Spanish, you probably know that “adios” means “goodbye.” However, “kiss goodbye” is incorrect.

When you are separating from someone, either permanently or temporarily, Spanish has a word for the act of saying goodbye that is “despedida”. “Goodbye kiss” is the normal way of saying “goodbye kiss.” The literal translation is “goodbye kiss”.

Kiss me goodbye. Kiss me goodbye. dAH-meh oon beh-soh deh dehs-peh-di-dah.

If you’re just starting to learn Spanish, this should help you with the different forms of the word “kiss” so you’ll be more accurate when you speak. You have learned a few different ways to say “kiss” along with some short phrases that you will enjoy practicing.

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