Where to Learn Spanish in Colombia – Review of 2 Learning Spanish Programs

If you want to know where to learn Spanish in Colombia, especially in Medellin, Colombia, this article will provide you with a review of two different Spanish learning programs in Medellin, Colombia. I’ll start with my first pick.

My best option to learn Spanish in Medellin, Colombia is the Black Sheep hostel. The instructor there is called Yadi. Yadi is short for Yadira. Yadi is a paisa (person from Medellín). As they would say in Medellín, she is “more paisa than an arepa”. That is, she is more paisa than an arepa (cornbread that is popular in Colombia and Venezuela).

Yadi is excellent at teaching both neutral Latin American Spanish and typical Spanish from Medellín, Colombia. In fact, I already recommended Yadi’s services to a Learning Spanish Like Crazy client who was visiting Medellin. After his stay in Medellín, he sent me an email to tell me that he was very happy with his teaching method.

Yadi’s “boyfriend” (boyfriend), Kelvin, is from New Zealand and is the owner and manager of the Black Sheep lodge. You can google “oveja negra Medellín” for more information. And just tell Yadi or Kelvin that Patrick sent you.

My second choice for where to learn Spanish in Colombia is EAFIT, one of the universities here in Medellin, Colombia. They have an excellent language learning program with native speakers teaching Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and German. The advantage of learning at EAFIT is that you will have the opportunity to make friends with many Colombians to practice your language.

And if you are too “shy” to make friends on your own, at EAFIT they also have a buddy program and they will pair you with one or more Colombian students who are learning English so they can help each other.

As part of your tuition (depending on your level of Spanish), they also allow you to take 1 regular class at the university with Colombian students (for example, history, psychology). And you will be evaluated, graded and assigned homework just like Colombian students in the same class. Obviously this is not something I would recommend for a beginning student.

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