Why Study Spanish in Bolivia?

As South American countries go, Bolivia, high in the Andes and landlocked, is somewhat remote. That may be why it is not very high on the list in terms of popularity as a place to study Spanish.

However, Bolivia is a beautiful country that offers many natural and cultural attractions. It also has several excellent Spanish schools where you can learn the language without being bothered or distracted by hordes of tourists.

Here are 4 good reasons to study Spanish in Bolivia:

1. You can immerse yourself in the language here much more easily than in places like Mexico or Guatemala. Fewer native English speakers than in more touristy countries, so you will be forced to speak the local language in many situations.

2. Bolivia has stunning natural beauty, from that of Lake Titicaca to a “hidden” valley where lush tropical vegetation grows (a striking counterexample to the image of Bolivia as a completely high, dry and windswept country). Adventures of all kinds await you during your study breaks.

3. Bolivian Spanish schools emphasize individual and small group learning. Perhaps reflecting the slow pace of life in the country in general, its teachers have a reputation for taking a lot of time to make sure each student gets the most out of their classes.

4. School enrollment in Bolivia is generally lower than in other countries in the region.

Information on different Spanish schools in Bolivia is easily available by doing a web search. One thing you will discover is that most of the schools are located in Sucre, a charming city of 150,000 inhabitants, with a mild and pleasant climate and steeped in history. It is also home to a university and many restaurants and shops.

Sucre is a great place to study Spanish in Bolivia. Other options include schools in La Paz, the country’s capital, and Cochacambra.

Whichever city and school you choose, if you’re the adventurous type, you’ll be glad you decided to learn Spanish in Bolivia.

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