3 woodworking ideas to get you started

If you have a mental block that prevents you from coming up with new woodworking ideas, then you should read about these 3 woodworking ideas. Although these ideas are quite simple, they are useful and these woodworking ideas will help you get started on your woodworking projects.

Idea #1: bird feeder

If you love birds and like to see them in your gardens or yards, one of the best methods to encourage them to come to your gardens or yards is to provide them with food in a few safe places. I’m sure you could easily and quickly build a simple bird feeder without giving it much thought. However, keep in mind that it could make your bird feeder more practical or more ornate for the birds. Perhaps you could include closely spaced bars to prevent larger birds like pigeons from stealing food that is meant for smaller birds.

Idea #2: Birdhouse

If you really love birds, instead of just providing them with food, why not give them food and shelter? There are many sizes and shapes of birdhouses. From the simplest box-shaped birdhouses to large ornate birdhouses that can provide shelter and nesting for a flight of pigeons or dovecotes. You have to remember that it is all about getting woodworking ideas, so you have to think beyond the norm and try to find something that is interesting and creative.

Idea #3: Dog House

Have you ever noticed that each and every kennel tends to look exactly like any other kennel? It is not weird? And why is this so? Why not provide your dog with a more interesting and creative dog house? If you really put your mind to it, I am very sure that you will be able to create a dog house that is more creative and different from other dog houses. If your dog stays inside, a dog house might be redundant, but how about building a place for your dog in your house that can double as a shelf or something? All you need to do is think outside the box.

I hope the woodworking ideas above get you thinking. Keep in mind that your best ideas will almost never be your first idea, so take the 3 woodworking ideas above and then spend some of your time finding ways to put them to good use in your workshop.

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