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Among the many masterpieces I have seen online, my all time favorite is a segmented bowl because I thought the one I saw was really beautiful and functional too. One day, using my woodturning tools and wood lathe, I plan to make one for my own home. I’ll put it right next to that sailboat model that is among my many future projects.

Okay, let’s get back to this project. You can start by deciding on the general shape and size of your final piece and cutting each species of wood into slices based on those dimensions. Next is the process of sanding each of the sides with coarse grit sandpaper so they can stick flat. Then continue with your project by stacking those sanded pieces together and then gluing them together. A little trick I learned is that getting all those pieces wet before gluing them will help spread the glue all over the surface. Plus, it will open up all those little pores in the bead, resulting in a much stronger, tighter bond. Simply place each piece for a second or two under the faucet. This will also remove any remaining dust particles, making the glue joint clean and well bonded.

Now, you have a rough block to sculpt into the shape of your choice. This is a great project where you can even use all the scraps you have from previous projects. And the best part is that they don’t all have to be the exact same size or the same color.

The final two steps are turning the piece with the wood lathe and other woodworking tools and sanding. Once it’s the desired shape, give it a good sanding using a combination of your sander and some hand sanding. Your project will most likely require a lot of hand sanding, so don’t take any shortcuts because proper sanding of the finished craft depends on your diligence to get the perfect finish. You don’t want to cut corners from start to finish on this wood project, because, after all, your love of wood is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby, not a job to be done in a hurry. Remember, your love of all things woodworking led you to this particular craft, so show some love to your projects by using the right woodturning tools and a lot of patience.

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