Building my own garden shed – Do I need planning permission for my garden shed?

There are two planning aspects that apply to building your own garden shed, although you may not need a building permit:

First of all, you still need to meet the conditions that exempt you from having a building permit. If the finished shed is to exceed these restrictions, then of course you will need to obtain retrospective planning permission. This situation can occur, for example, when your neighbors complain to the local planning inspector that you have built your shed too close to its limits or have exceeded the allowable height. If you were to sell your home in the future, the importance of your shed meeting building restrictions or building permits may be important. The first thing prospective buyers will do when they see your backyard shed is check to see if it was built within the law.

Second, your shed construction must adhere to prescriptive building codes that spell out exactly how something should be built. Building codes must maintain standard procedures to comply with construction practices as well as to protect public health, safety, and general welfare. Building a shed may not be as important as a larger building, but it still needs to meet building standards.

Purchasing garden shed plans from a reputable online company will be more successful than getting plans drawn up by a local architect. That’s because an internet business sells hundreds of different types of plans to choose from and relies on buyers’ field test feedback to achieve the highest possible standards. Architect’s plans may just be a schematic diagram with standard specifications that you may not understand. The downloaded plans are so prescriptive and detailed that anyone can easily build a garden shed to the highest standard. The plans are, in fact, a carpentry training course. This is like a qualified carpenter working on his house.

One of the best parts of deciding to build your garden shed is that downloaded plans only cost $35-$55. Prescriptive plans downloaded from the internet are a small fraction of your shed costs. A selection of different shed plans is a cost-effective way to choose what a shed may cost you, as material lists are provided, even down to the size of nails you need.

In conclusion, most garden sheds do not require approval under building regulations. Check with your local building inspector to make sure whether or not building consent is required. Even if you do not require building consent, you will still need to meet the exemption conditions, and the building must be constructed in accordance with building codes of practice. Downloading plans on the internet will give you the best choice of plans and provide you with the most prescriptive method of construction. It will also be a great woodworking training course.

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