Concrete lining made easy

Whether it’s a basement, garage, walkway and steps, or any other concrete area that needs a bit of work, resurfacing the area isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Fortunately, there are many books to check out from your public library on the subject that will guide you step by step through the process.

For interior work, it may be a bit more difficult to clean the surface for prep. A good broom and shop vacuum will do the job just fine. The most important thing is to remove all debris and pieces of concrete so that there are no inconsistencies at the end of the job. For a garage or patio sweep up all existing substances and then spray it with a hose without leaving anything that will bubble or cause a problem with the adhesion of the coat you are going to wear.

The concrete should be mixed to the consistency of a pudding. This makes it easy to spread and also allows it to dry more slowly. Using a cement trowel, smooth a thin layer over the existing surface taking care to keep it even. Make sure to fill all holes and air bubbles as you work. If you want to put patterns on, you should do so when putting on the second layer. This should be done before the first one dries.

The next step is to let it dry. If it looks like it’s drying too quickly, which will sometimes happen on walks and patios, spraying it with a fine stream of water will give you a gentler drying pattern. After it dries, a sealer can be used. This should only be added after it has had several days to set up so there is no chance of sealing in moisture as this could ruin the entire project.

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