Dust explosion protection

What is a dust explosion?

Dust explosions result from the rapid burning of flammable mixtures, such as those found in dust clouds in a shop environment when mixed with the surrounding air. When this mixture is combined with an ignition source, for example a flame, and the dust particles have gathered in a large enough group to sustain the flame, the dust cloud becomes combustible. Research has shown that 70% of all powders are flammable, due to their particle size and density allowing them to sustain a flame long enough for combustion.

If the dust particles move freely and get hot enough, this will cause a flash fire that will burn out momentarily. However, if the dust particles concentrate in a small area, such as a vent or machinery entrance, this will cause an explosion and can lead to the total destruction of the machinery and even the building.

Because it takes time for enough dust to build up to cause an explosion, proper precautions and vigilance can reduce the chance of an explosion occurring.

What’s so special about dust explosions?

The main cause of dust explosions is friction and mechanical failure. Unlike gas or solvents, dust particles pose a greater risk to shop machinery and worker safety. While gas and solvent particles can dissipate into the air and fall below flammable levels, dust particles are heavier than air and therefore fall onto surfaces until a sufficiently strong air current Strong lifts them back into the air where they can regroup with other dust particles. If a large enough collection of particles is made and the conditions for combustion are met, this can result in an explosion. This is why finer particles are more dangerous, because larger particles are less likely to re-enter the free-flowing air, while smaller particles are much lighter and therefore easier. to transport by air.

This poses a very real risk to machinery such as sanders, saws and lathes where wood waste is produced.

Invest in a dust extraction system

As you can see, there are many reasons to invest in a dust extraction system. Potential hazards to machinery and your working environment are not only a real issue, but with all that dust floating around in the air, improper ventilation could also affect the health of your workers and put them at undue risk.

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