How to build a trundle bed

Having experienced the visit of many relatives during the holidays and the little space, I decided to learn how to build a trundle bed. And it was very neat as even when we rarely have that many guests, my kids still use the bed as a storage drawer. Talk about saving space! Building a trundle bed is not that difficult. Although there are a few things you need to keep in mind when building this type of bed.

First, you need to measure the main bed for which you are going to put the trundle. The dimension of the trundle is such that it is not greater than that of the main bed. Then you also need to measure the height of the space under the main bed. This would determine the maximum height of the trundle bed. You must build a trundle bed with a gap of at least 4 inches between the trundle bed and the main bed. Please note that the size of the mattress should also be taken into account when determining this measurement. This would ensure easy movement when you need to get the platform out.

Building a trundle bed is a lot like building a drawer. Only this time, a drawer the size of a bed. You can use plywood for this purpose and strong nails or staples to join the wood together. To make the nest mobile, you need to put wheels at each corner of the nest. You may need to turn the nest upside down to do this easily. Make sure that when you were measuring the height of the trundle you included the wheels in the calculation, otherwise if the wheels increase the height that much you may have a problem storing the trundle under the bed.

To make sure you don’t overlook some minor but necessary details, I suggest you use a plan with step-by-step instructions on how to build a trundle bed. I have personally used a very good plan when making this type of bed. Probably the reason why I was able to complete it in one day.

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