How to customize your cane

First and most obvious is to add an engraved plaque to a cane. Some canes have a silver or brass collar that can be engraved or a larger area, such as the handle. there is enough space
on a necklace to add a name, initials or a date. If the collar is too difficult to engrave, a brass plate can be engraved and then nailed to the shaft. A plate allows a little more room so you can add a name
and a date or a message or a short saying. The plates themselves can be silver or brass in an oval shape or indeed any shape that can be bent around the axis. You can also use pennies.

Many people like to add badges to their cane. The badges are again folded around the axis of the stick and then glued or nailed. Badges available in the market today include British counties, country flags, clubs, football clubs, dogs, cats, horses, military and Celtic badges or other symbols. You can also find famous people, places and other animals. Pewter pins are very attractive and the other pins are usually very colorful and add considerable character to your cane.

Straps, ribbons, and other things that can be tied around the shaft also give a baton some individuality, as do whistles. You can add a dog whistle to call your pet or a duck call. Whistles can be tied around the shaft or sometimes built into the handle. For example, a thumb with a whistle carved into one of the teeth of the V.

The other way to personalize a cane is to have the handle carved out of wood or made of resin with your particular design, like your pet’s head. You could have a black lab head with your pet’s name painted on the collar or something. Resin is a fantastic material that, when poured into a mold and then painted, can be made to look like the real thing.

Pyrography is another lovely art that makes a great effect on a cane. Pyrography is when a design is burned into the wood with a special pen that looks like a soldering iron. You can achieve some beautiful detailed results with this method.

I hope you now feel inspired to do something with your cane to personalize it and make it your own.

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