Types of Sheds You Can Build in Your Backyard

There are several types of sheds that you can build in your backyard. Several of these designs are based on the type of roof that they use. Some of these roof designs are simple to build and others are more complicated. Some of these shed designs are great for storage and others are great places to work as they allow the structure to be lit from the outside. Let’s consider some of these backyard shed designs and the type of roof they use.

1. pent roof shed

This type of shed is probably one of the simplest designs to build. It is a roof that consists of a single pitch. The roof is flat and sloped to one side. This shed design can stand alone or be attached to an existing structure such as your home or garage.

two. gable roof shed

This type of structure is a bit more complicated to build. The roof consists of two sides that are equal in size and slope. This type of roof is often considered an A-frame.

3. clerestory roof shed

This type of shed uses a rather unique roof design. The roof has a series of built-in windows. These single row windows are often called clerestory windows. These windows will allow natural light to illuminate the interior of the structure. This type of shed design is ideal for a workplace or even for placing potted plants within the structure. The row of windows is also very attractively designed and possibly worth building.

Four. Gambrel roof shed

This type of building uses a roof that is often seen on a barn. There are two sides to the roof. Each side consists of two sections with a different pitch. The lower section has a steeper incline than the upper section. This design will allow for more storage area within the structure.

5. Salt Box Roof Shed

The roof used in this design consists of two sections. Both sections are on the same side but have different steps. The lower section is not as steep as the upper section.

Choosing a foundation for your shed

Another aspect of shed construction is the type of foundation you use. The foundation must support the weight of the structure. A proper foundation will prevent your shed from shifting or worse, collapsing.

Building a shed in your backyard can be very rewarding. However, if you are new to this type of project, it would be a good idea to acquire proven shed building plans. These plans will show you how to complete this type of woodworking project in a timely and cost-effective manner. These plans can be found online or at your local hardware store. Some of these instructions will be free, but others will require a small charge.


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