Woodworking for Beginners: Understanding the Characteristics of Wood

Since ancient times, wood has been used to create houses, bridges, boats, ships, arches, and has also been used for decorative purposes. With the evolution of civilizations, wood has been identified as a durable and lightweight material that can be used for various purposes.

With the progress of civilization and the discovery of various metals such as bronze, steel and silver, although its popularity increased, wood continued to be one of the favorite elements in arts, crafts, home making and various others. purposes. Gradually, the ability to use wood for different purposes also underwent a transformation.

Historical and archaeological evidence suggests that there were highly skilled craftsmen who used to carve idols from a single piece of wood. For those who are starting to learn woodworking, it is very important to know the characteristics of wood and the different types of wood and their quality.

There are different types of wood material that can be used for different purposes depending on its characteristics. There used to be only two types of woods, one is hardwood and the other is softwood obtained from broadleaf trees and coniferous trees respectively.

But in modern times there has been one more type of wood called plywood or artificial wood. Artificial wood became very popular due to the limited supply of natural wood. Although they are not as durable or strong as natural wood, they meet the needs of home builders and general carpenters.

When considering wood as a material for any purpose, one must understand the basic requirement and then use wood wisely because wood is not only precious but extensive use of wood can have lasting effects on the environment. Therefore, carpenters must be judicious in advising their clients on the right type of materials to choose.

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