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By following the simple instructions given here, anyone using regular care can produce substantial, homespun pieces of furniture they can be proud of.

Some simple parts are detailed, they are worth making, although they are easy to build. Other pieces are more complicated, calculated to test the skill and ingenuity of the most experienced craftsmen. All of them will be attractive, resistant and practical. They will provide a very pleasant and profitable job for the amateur craftsman, and will solve for many carpenters that age-old problem of what to do in dull seasons.

In the selected pieces there is no sequence of models, each description, with accompanying instructions, complete in itself, so that the craftsman can begin work on any piece he chooses.

How to Equip the Home Goods Store with Woodworking Tools

At no time has there seemed to be so much interest in handicrafts for the home on the part of boys and men, professionals and hobbyists, as at the present time. It is difficult to enter a house without finding enthusiasts eager not only to introduce you to the diverse and interesting handmade pieces that are found there, but also to introduce you to the place – or workshop, as he proudly calls it. – in which the owner does his job and in which he finds a lot of pleasure and interest.

That this interest in manual work is becoming widely known is demonstrated by the fact that forward-thinking and progressive architects are introducing rooms into their house plans that they choose to call “workshops”.

The workshop is situated in a desirable location on the first floor, convenient to the sitting room, and is intended for the lighter types of domestic work. It can also be used as a study or sewing room.

woodworking tools

Regarding the tools that should go properly to equip a home shop for carpentry work, the beginner must understand that it is better to have a few tools, and good ones, rather than stock up on many cheap ones. A cheap tool that won’t “keep the edge” is a bad investment by any standard. It is not necessary to purchase all the tools listed here at once. They can be purchased as needed. However, we have listed only those that will be almost a necessity; And, since most companies give liberal discounts on quantities purchased, anyone with money to spare will earn good interest on the money invested if they buy everything at once.

First the bank. If one wishes to have all the best in both appearance and utility, a cabinetmaker’s bench can be purchased for almost any price one wishes to pay, the price depending on size and quality. An excellent bench can easily be made, with a top made of 2 1/4-inch strips of maple glued together to prevent sagging, having a length of 78 inches and a width of 24 inches. A smaller size, 22 by 54 inches, can be made with a quick action vise.

A quick action vise, while not a necessity, is a huge time saver. A person who has never used one should do some research before buying an old vise.

The economically minded person can build his own bank easily and cheaply. He must build it up to the wall, positioning it so that it illuminates the work at hand.

A 2-inch by 12-inch oak board should be used for the face of the top. The remainder of the top can be made of one inch “flush” material to the same level as the plank. A vise can be made, such as found in carpenters’ benches. Accessories can be purchased for about sixty cents.

When it comes to the question of purchasing tools, the greatest freedom should be allowed. The following list represents the tools that will be found absolutely necessary for ordinary cabinet work:

1-Jack-Plane, 2-inch drill bit.

1-boxwood marking

1 to 6 inch test square.


Oscillating ratchet from 1 to 10 inches

1″-6″ T-Bevel

Tie rod, ball bearing.

Dividers from 1 to 6 inches.

Claw hammer from 1 to 12 oz.

1-Bristle brush.

1-walnut mallet.

1-Oil stone, fine, 6 by 2

1-6 inch screwdriver. by 1 inch.

1-Can of Oil.

Backsaw 1-10 in.

circular saw from 1 to 26 inches.


To these can be added a smooth plane, a jointer, a block plane, and a compass saw.

Auger bits can be purchased as needed. A complete set is convenient, although hardly necessary. You will need a set of nails, a countersink, a steel square and four bar cabinet clamps. Also a Combined Plane, to make recesses, grooves, etc.

The cost of this set of tools will not be as great as one might think, when purchased in its entirety. Some firms have cabinets in stock, on which they make special prices, in which the list of tools is not much different from the previous one. It is good to research its quality, only high grade tools should be purchased. If you are not informed, ask someone who is. You can be sure that the type your carpenter friend uses and will recommend will be satisfactory.

Satisfactory work cannot be done with dull tools. A sharpening stone will be needed. The type that is executed with the feet is the best, since it leaves both hands free to hold the tool.

A miter box is very convenient and will save a lot of time, and possibly material, in the hands of a hobbyist.

Of course, we could add to these many other amenities. We know a suburbanite who has a lathe, electric saw, etc., powered by an electric motor. He spends no more on this hobby of his than his neighbor does on golf, and in the end he has beautiful pieces that his children will be happy to treasure after he is gone. Nor is this all there is to do. He has two growing children who find their place of pleasure and recreation in this very store. The communion of father and son is “good to look at” in these days when so many parents “do not have time” to give to their children, who, having nothing else to do, tend to spend their time in the streets, running wild, causing trouble for law-abiding citizens who are unlucky enough to live within range of their depredations.

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