5 reasons why interval training is better than traditional cardio

The common theme among many pros today is that they tell you to do long, boring cardio to lose fat. “Get into your target rate and stay there for at least 30 minutes,” they say.

Well, what if everything these “experts” have been telling you for the past few decades has been completely and utterly correct? wrong?

As more and more research is being completed, we are finally discovering the truth about what types of exercises we should be doing.

This type of exercise is called interval training.

Interval training is just intense exercise followed by short rest periods.

Take hill sprints as an example. Let’s say there is a 50 foot hill near your house. You start at the bottom, run up (intense exercise), and then come back down (brief rest period). Then rinse and repeat the process.

So what are the benefits of interval training compared to long cardio workouts?

  • 1) It takes less time – Interval training can last as long as a normal workout, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Since you’ll be pushing yourself harder each exercise period, you won’t be able to sustain a workout very long. Usually 10-15 minutes is enough for beginner to intermediate fitness levels.
  • 2) You drastically reduce your heart rate – When I first tried interval training, my heart rate was about 66 beats per minute, which is a bit lower than average but not quite in the “excellent” range. After about 2 months, my heart rate was around 50-55 beats per minute, which means my heart is in elite condition. Just like any other muscle, your heart gets stronger as it heals. Since it recovers between each interval, you will start to see a dramatic difference in your heartbeat.
  • 3) You lose more fat – With traditional cardio you lose fat because you burn it while you exercise. However, once you’re done, your metabolism doesn’t really stay at a “high” like it does while you exercise. With intervals, even if you don’t burn as many calories during exercises, you can burn much more fat for the rest of the day. You literally burn fat while you sleep!
  • 4) You do not lose muscle – With traditional cardio, you must have an almost perfect nutritional plan in order not to lose muscle. In many cases, even a perfect nutritional plan will not help. However, with interval training you release HGH (human growth hormone) which tells your body to build more muscle and lose fat. Why do you think sprinters have such lean, muscular bodies while marathon runners are all skin and bones?
  • 5) You can combine programs – Chances are you are currently on a cardio/weight lifting program right now. Well, what if I told you that you could get the same benefits in less than half the time? A workout I like to do goes like this: First, I jump rope as fast as I can for 50 reps with both feet, then 25 times with my left leg, then my right. So I do it again. Then I go in and do single leg squats and abdominal work to catch my breath. Then I do a series of vertical jumps. Then jump rope again. It’s a great lower body interval workout that I do in about 12 minutes total.

You can design an interval training workout out of just about anything you’re currently doing. Remember, all you need to do is quickly raise your heart rate and then lower it again. Do this a few times and voila.

You no longer have to go to the gym for hours on end, wasting your day. You no longer have excuses why you can’t exercise. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes and you can put in an incredibly exhausting workout. Just be creative and have fun.

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