[Amick] Draymond on his podcast: “The way I look at my podcast is that I’m running a business. So, it’s something I take as seriously as basketball.”

Q: Do you ever get tired of talking? > Tired of talking? (smiles) Q: Yeah. I mean, I’m watching you do your thing there (on Twitter Spaces), and he made me wonder…> No, I never get tired of talking. Q: I love the feedback, but it seems like there would be a lot. You play a game, then you publish and you’re doing the pod… > It’s all business, you know? The way I look at my podcast is that I’m running a business. For example, you can’t get tired of running your own business, or it fails. So, it’s something I take as seriously as basketball. So if I’m going to show up to the game, I show up (to the podcast), or it doesn’t work. Q: Right, and I understand. But this is his first run on the actual run of this podcast plan when these types of games are held. The other night after Game 2, for example, you win the game, and of course that means you’re in a better mood. But you’re meeting and greeting fans, trying to get home. Like, where did you actually make your capsule? > Home. I did it once I got home. Q: What time do we talk? > Eleven something. But like I said, ultimately it’s understanding what’s important to you. My podcast is important to me. I’ve worked to get that to where it is and build that audience. And I think it’s really important for me to understand and build that audience that you have to keep giving them, you know? They are giving you their ear. They are giving you their time, so you have to keep giving them what you can give them. For me, that is more of an obligation than a wish. I want to do it, and I enjoy doing it. But at the end of the day, if you’ve built an audience, and they’ve paid attention to you and given you their time, you appreciate it and make sure you give them back what they are. giving you

[Article ](https://theathletic.com/3358424/2022/06/10/draymond-green-podcast-warriors-finals?source=user-shared-article)

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