beach volleyball spike

A beach volleyball spike is something you have to perfect if you ever want to play PVA volleyball. Before learning how to hit the ball, you must be able to jump high enough to go over the net.

When you try to jump high in the sand, you will notice that it is much more difficult than jumping on a hard surface. You can take off at least 1 foot high when you jump from the arena.

There are a few tricks you can use so the sand doesn’t completely eat up your jump. One thing you should practice is planting your feet firmly before you jump. This will compact the sand under your feet so you don’t sink as much when you try to jump.

But whether you’re jumping off the sand or a hard court, you need to train your muscles to be explosive so you can lift yourself as high as possible.

You may be wondering how to jump higher and I will tell you that there are 2 factors that affect the height of the jump. First is the strength in your legs. The second is the speed of your legs. When you combine these 2 things you have power.

Doing too much leg strengthening will build large muscles that are full of slow-twitch fibers and will actually hinder your performance.

Doing only speed training will make your legs lack strength for proper form and you will lose power.

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