Beach volleyball training exercises to jump higher

The best jumpers in the world are beach volleyball players and anyone who has tried jumping in the sand knows how difficult it is. There are some great beach volleyball training drills you can do to learn how to jump higher and play better that we will discuss here.

The best training you can do for sand volleyball is to train in deep sand. You can’t go to the gym and just train on a hard surface and then expect that to turn to sand when you play. You have to learn how to move in the sand and more importantly the correct way to jump in the sand. You don’t use all your forward momentum and jump towards the net like you would in indoor volleyball. On the beach you have to plant your feet hard, almost like an exaggerated stomp.

This will compact the sand under your feet faster so you can explode instead of sinking. There are no wide jumps when you are in the arena. You have to train your muscles more than any other sport played on a hard surface. This is because you have to crouch down a bit more to be able to jump. I suggest doing deeper squats and training to jump from a seated position. If you’re a blocker, you don’t get a focus, so you need to be able to squat deep without losing power along the way. This requires very strong legs that can squat with large amounts of weight without slowing down.

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