Body Types: Mesomorphic

Smart training could lead to bigger gains with your natural gift.

– ADJUSTMENT ADVICE: Building muscle for mesomorphs is easy, but commitment will help them reap the maximum benefits.

If others look at you with envy because of your complexion, you are probably a mesomorph. Mesomorphs have bodies that seem to have endured intensive training in the gym, without actually doing it. If you fall into this category, luck is really on your side. However, you can still maximize your potential with some strategic training techniques.

What’s the matter?

If you can build muscle with the least amount of effort, satellite cell-mediated myonuclear additions may be to blame. In simple terms, this is adding more cells around the muscle fibers through training. A study in 2008 showed that the 17 first ‘responders’ of 66 people who were put through the same weightlifting program had a 58 percent increase in the cross-sectional region, and the bottom 17 saw no increase at all. Being a good ‘responder’ gives you an advantage over others and losing fat through smart training will be more satisfying.

Big mistakes that you are making

Mesomorphs tend to be less committed to hard exercise and more committed to low intensity training. If you want to get off this route, choose timed workouts. This will help you focus on a certain goal and improve the intensity of your training.

To do

To get the most out of their DNA, mesomorphs must train like an athlete. With routines like box jumps, vertical jumps and sprints. At the gym, perform vigorous movements and do 3 to 5 repetitions. You can also go with interval sprints. These will boost your metabolism and eliminate fat effectively.

Change your diet

With each individual’s pursuit of a well-built body, monitoring their sugar and carbohydrate intake remains essential. This will get beneficial results, especially from the nutrients in the foods you eat. A little more protein and carbohydrates don’t welcome sudden weight gains, unlike endomorphs. You should aim for at least two grams of protein for every kilogram of your weight, although it is okay to go further.

Additional food for thought

Consider having make-up days. Intensive athletic training makes it difficult for muscles to recover and prevents pain. Recovery days help regulate blood circulation and allow you to prepare for later sessions.

Smart moves

It’s good to combine strength and power movements working on the same muscles, such as five reps each in the clean deadlift.

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