Do you think Charania will lose sources because of this ‘scandal’?

So TLDR is that TheHoopCentral was allegedly introduced as a Shams burner yesterday before deleting his tweet. It doesn’t seem like much of a problem until you remember that TheHoopCentral has been one of the most toxic contributing members of NBA discourse in recent years. Some examples are the excavations at Westbrick and Curry/Warriors. Normally I’d dismiss it as another case of Twitter exaggerating things, but it’s been trending all day and NBA players/agents have certainly seen the tweets. There’s nothing wrong with having a hate account… but there can be when your main job is nurturing relationships in the NBA. Self doxx: Posts defaming stars: /status/1124875506380181504?s=12 Edit: Found something interesting, every time you search for Shams, it links to Shams’ Twitter handle. But when Woj is the source, there is never a link.

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