Donovan Mitchell suddenly has 2 big lob threats…is he going to use them?

There has been speculation that Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert didn’t get along, and one thing that came to light was how few times per game Mitchell passed the ball to Gobert. It really doesn’t make sense for one of the most dominant players on the ball not to pass one of the biggest potential “easy bucket” players in the league. Jokes notwithstanding, Gobert is legitimately one of the top finishers shooting over 66% from the field for 4 straight years. Mitchell himself is a talented passer averaging 5+ assists per game in recent years with low turnovers. Will we suddenly see Mitchell willing to pass the greats Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley? He could see a big opportunity in Cleveland if he does. Also, if Mitchell suddenly becomes alley oop wise, or even just looks for the big men who cut and position for easy baskets, does that cement his dislike of Gobert for going so deep that it affected how the team structured your offense?

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