Dwight Howard fires back at Shaq for calling the Taiwanese basketball league a ‘Lifetime Fitness league.’ You’re too old to hate. You’re too big to hate.”

https://www.basketballnetwork.net/latest-news/dwight-howard-blasts-shaquille-oneal-tells-him-hees-too-old-and-too-big-to-hate “Stop hating” Howard said , addressing O’Neal. “I saw a video of you talking about me playing basketball in Taiwan, and I’m playing in the Life Time Fitness League. Don’t disrespect my teammates and this league and these people in Taiwan like that. That’s disrespectful.” great respect and it’s hating. And you’re too old to hate. You’re too old to hate.” “I’m not going to let the haters win,” the eight-time NBA All-Star continued. “I’m not angry. I’m passionate about the things I say. This guy apologized to my teammates and to this league, basically. He called us a Life Time Fitness league. This is not a Life Time Fitness league. It’s guys here who are more taller than me [dream and goal is to make it to the NBA], and all of them are not going to make it to the NBA. But we don’t need people who hate other people because they’re not there.” “He’s supposed to get 30 points playing against a 5’8 guy,” Shaq said on a recent podcast episode. “Good job. This league reminds me of a Life Time Fitness league every Saturday when I work out on Saturday. Great job, Dwight. I’m proud of you.”

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