Fly In Four Reviews: Can You Really Jump 4 Inches Taller In 4 Weeks?

Flying In Four is a vertical jump program developed by Kelly Baggett and Alex Maroko. Kelly is a famous trainer who has also written the best-selling vertical jump bible. Alex is also an expert sports coach who is the author of the Truth About Quickness Insider System and the Effective Ball Handling Program.

The Flying In Four program contains 3 levels: Beginner Program, Intermediate Program and Advanced Program.

One of the best things about this program is that it gets straight to the point without using any boring theory pages. It’s just 28 days of intense training, and it tells you exactly what to do on a daily basis.

It is very simple to understand and gives you a complete description of the exercises, including images and videos. It is also packed with many bonuses which are also very useful if you apply for the deluxe version of the program.

If you pay a small monthly fee (which you can cancel at any time), you can also get personal access to the dynamic duo and email them all your queries. They also host a live Q&A every month where they answer all your questions for you.

During the monthly call, Kelly also discusses her latest findings on vertical jump training. They also record this call and send it to you in mp3 format, so you don’t have to always be on the call.

The program is definitely worth the money spent. The only thing missing from the program is the theory behind the training. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing because it differs from most other programs that are 90% theory and only 10% actual exercises. I highly recommend the Flying In 4 program.

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