Freestyle Motocross Tricks and Treats

Freestyle Motocross is also known as FMX. In FMX, riders perform jumps and stunts to impress the judges. They perform a series of jumps and perform tricks in alphabetical order. Although these tricks are the bread and butter of FMX riders, they are a delight to the eyes of amazed spectators. Watching FMX is exciting and exciting. This article will provide you with a list of FMX tricks to help you identify what they are and how to do them.

1. can can: The trick is to get one leg over the other side of the bike. The end result will have both legs on one side. Higher points are awarded when riders land in a Can Can position.

2. Suspense: The rider stands up straight in the air with their toes on the bottom of the bars. His hands are above his head like a rollercoaster position.

3. Coffin: The legs are extended under the handlebars and the rider leans back in the seat as far as possible.

4. Lazy boy: Similar to the coffin, but the arms and legs extend further for the higher points.

5. Corpse: The rider’s body is in front of the bike and in a horizontal position while holding onto the bars.

6. Double Grip: The body is extended on the rear of the bicycle while holding the rear of the bicycle with both hands.

7. Fenders: The body is bent over the handlebars while the hands grip the fender.

8. Deer Attack: The legs point upwards while making a superman.

9. Indian Air: The legs are crossed in a scissor position.

10. Kiss of death: The bike will be as vertical as possible and the rider’s leg will point straight up.

11. Born Born: On the jump, turn the bike to one side, swing one leg back to the other side.

12. No footer: Land with both feet off the pegs

13. Nothing: Hands and feet are removed on landing.

14. Solid As A Rock: The body will separate from the bike. Do a Superman seat grip, release the seat with both arms extended from the bike. Remount when you get enough air.

15. Rodeo Air: One hand will hold the crossbar and one hand will be free, then click your heel.

16. Stale Fish or Saran Wrap: One leg is brought forward between the arms and the other leg outside the arm.

17. Sterilizer: Do a bar jump and extend your legs over the handlebars.

18. Suicide can: One foot will be off the peg and elevated over the bike seat. Both legs will be on one side of the bike. Lift your other foot off the peg and extend both legs away from the bike, then remove your hands from the bars.

19. Superman: This looks like superman flying, hence the name. His feet come loose and kick each other backwards.

20. Superman Seat Grab: With the legs extended behind, one hand will release from the grip and grab the seat for the distance into the extension.

21. Surfer: Get into a surf position on the bike while your hands are on the bars.

22. Tidal wave: Come to a headstand while holding the handlebars and keeping the bike horizontal.

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