Gilbert Arenas Dunking or How to Increase Vertical Jump

You may have heard that NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas is quite unorthodox on and off the court, but mostly in his training.

For example, when the equipment is idle, you often exercise three times a day: first with the equipment in practice, then to exercise at 8 p.m., and a third time around midnight, when lifting 300 jumpers with the machine. Rebound. His explanatory statement: Since most of his teammates don’t exercise during the season, this is your chance to get ahead of them. And what is the key to this master plan to dominate the NBA? Beginning with game 42, the precise midpoint of the season, Arenas stops additional workouts. “So while everyone else is burning,” he says with a knowing nod, “I’m finally getting my legs back.”

When you talk about Gilbert Arenas and training, there is a story you should know:

Someday after team practice, Arenas made a $ 20,000 bet with fellow Washington Wizard DeShawn Stevenson. Agent Zero claimed he could hit more college basketball 3-point range shots with one hand than Stevenson could make pro-level 3-pointers with two hands.

And out of 100 attempts, Arenas completed 73 shots! Stevenson, on the other hand, needed to make his last ten shots just to tie, but he only made his first five shots before missing the sixth (meaning Stevenson completed 68 of 96 attempts).

But Arenas is not just a shooter. In case you didn’t know, the 6’4 ” protector has a 37-inch vertical!

So what did you do to increase your vertical?

Just take a look at Hibachi’s favorite exercises to improve your vertical:

Box jumps:

Starting position: Place a one-foot-tall plyometric box in front of you. Now jump on top of the box. Go down and repeat. Do not do more than 15 repetitions. You can use taller boxes later.

But jumping is not just about your legs, the power you generate in your upper body (mainly your shoulders) is also important:

Press push:

Starting position: barbell on the upper back. Quickly bend your knees and hips and then pop up and push the bar up. Bring the bar up to your shoulders and repeat the exercise for a maximum of 5 reps. Start with light weights and add weight later. Then do 5 sets of one or two reps.

Hang clean:

Starting position: bar above the knees, torso at a 45-degree angle to the ground. Now pull the bar up along your body. Stand on your toes and pull your body forward. Start with light weights and do 2 to 5 sets of five reps. You can add weight later and work one rep per set.

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