How do I jump higher in Volleyball Part II? Learning basic skills to play volleyball

Now, I’m back with a friendly reminder! Always keep in mind that in order for you to jump higher in volleyball, all you have to do is simply practice jumping. You may have noticed that this type of sport involves more vertical and explosive jumps. And FYI, these are attributes for one to be considered a truly good volleyball player. The vertical burst program is very suitable for learning and applying skills such as passing and attacking which are the subjects of this article.


When a player attempts to correctly receive the opponent’s serve, that move is called a pass or “receive”. The purpose of the pass is to prevent the ball from touching the ground/court and to ensure that it reaches the setter with speed and accuracy. If you remember, the setter is an important player in this game, as mentioned in How do I jump higher in volleyball? Part I: Learn Basic Volleyball Skills

In volleyball, passing is a skill that involves two (2) basic and specific techniques that are briefly discussed below.

(1) Underarm Pass or Hit: Using this technique, the ball will touch the inside of the joined forearms or the platform placed at the waistline. This can be done most conveniently with your knees bent as if ready for a spring attack.

(2) Overhead Pass: When performing this technique, the ball will be handled with the fingertips, as when placed, overhead.

These styles of passing are acceptable in volleyball in general, although there are stricter rules about passing over the head when it comes to beach volleyball.


The other more common term for attack is peak. Usually, the shot is made with the team’s third contact with the ball with the aim that the ball falls into the opponent’s field, leaving the opponent with no chance of defense.

An attacker takes a series of steps, jumps – contact with the ball is at the apex of the attacker’s jump – and slams the ball close to the net and directly into the team’s opponent’s court. It should be noted that the spiker uses arm movement, wrist twist, and a quick forward thrust of their entire body to propel the ball with force.

Normally, a boat It occurs when after a very strong or hard shot it is launched in an almost straight path down the opponent’s court, and bounces quite high in the air. There’s a to kill when the other team does not return a spike or attack, a point is earned.

Now you have learned how important vertical jump training is in a sport like volleyball. Power, speed, accuracy and strength are very essential elements in this game. You need to build strong legs and develop your agility.

Do your jumping regimen regularly as per the jumping manual video for more accurate guidance because How to Jump Higher in Volleyball Part III – Learn Basic Volleyball Playing Skills will cover more bombastic approaches to playing volleyball. Be sure to review your programs to give more importance to your goal of becoming an explosive volleyball player.

Feel free to contact us with your questions, comments, suggestions or recommendations. Thank you for reading.

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