How To Increase Your Vertical Jump 10 Inches In 29 Days!

There are many different exercises you can perform to increase your vertical jump and athletic ability. In this article, I’m going to lay out some secrets I’ve used to cut my training time in half and double my results.

Step #1 to increase your vertical jump

Your first step is to measure your current vertical jump. Stand straight against the wall with your arm extended above your head. Measure that distance in inches. Then jump as high as you can and touch the wall at your highest point. Record that distance and subtract your outstretched height from the distance you jumped.

Step #2 to increase your vertical jump

Now you can start doing different exercises that will help you increase your jumping ability. The first exercise I recommend doing is deep knee bends. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly bend your knees as low as they will go. Then rise back to your standing position. Repeat this for 15 repetitions.

The next exercise that you can perform is the toe raise. Stand up straight and simply push yourself up so that you are on your toes. Again, repeat this for 15 repetitions.

The last exercise you can do to increase your vertical is jump rope. This may sound simple, but it will definitely help your stamina and jumping ability.

Step #3 to increase your vertical jump

The last step to jump higher is obviously to repeat the process. Get in the habit of repeating these exercises 3-4 times a week. Now that you’re waiting… let’s train!

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