How to jump higher in basketball: what distinguishes a good player from a bad player?

If you are a basketball player, jumping higher is one of your goals. If it isn’t, it should be. You know why? Because the person who can jump the highest is the one who can make the basket, is the one who can make a long dunk. So your goal should be to jump higher if you want to be a better basketball player.

If you are struggling in your game and you really don’t know what to do to be a better player. Then you came to the right place because I’m going to show you an easy way to start jumping higher in basketball and it won’t cost you anything. But you will need a healthy mind or at least a creative brain.

You have to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and relax. If you are thinking about something or stress, just let it go. I know that sometimes it’s hard to let go of the things that stress you out, especially at the moment when you really need to relax. This is what I do when I need to do a visualization like this. I take a piece of paper and write down what bothers me, so when I’m done with my visualization, I go back to thinking about what I need to improve.

So now close your eyes, after writing your list. And imagine that you are on the basketball court. You are playing a game and every time you have the ball, you jump higher. And then the second time you jumped higher than the first time. You keep going like this, until you jump so high that you’re in the sky. Yes, it sounds childish, but this is important for your game. Visualization is very important if you want to be a great player. So start doing this and you will see a difference in your game in no time.

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