How to jump higher through mind power and body training

For all athletes involved in sports where jumping as high as possible often means the difference between winning and losing, the search for answers on how to jump higher is foremost on their minds. If it is also in yours, then you are in luck. You have the opportunity to jump higher through exercise and mental power. Here is how.

Power of the mind

The power of the mind in improving athletic performance has been proven time and time again, both anecdotally and scientifically. As the popular motivational phrase goes, what your mind can creatively conceive, your body can physically achieve. Along these lines, you should consider performing creative visualization exercises before, during, and after your vertical jump training exercises. This is such an easy thing to do, especially since you only need to spend as little as 30 minutes twice a week. Plus, you get the benefit of a focused mind while achieving a relaxed body.

In creative visualization, you basically use your imagination to work out the details of how to jump higher from the exercises you want to do, the goals you want to achieve, and the feelings you’ll experience when you reach those goals. Think of it like the movie in your mind where your highest jump saved the game. To do this, simply find a quiet spot in a room, lie down and take abdominal breaths until you are relaxed in mind and body. Then, you will visualize in your mind the things you need to do, the feelings you need to experience, and the scene you want to happen. You can be as creative as you want, as long as you stay focused on your goals.

The main goal is to train your mind so that your body can follow. You will notice that this is a technique used by the best mental players in the world, whether in golf or basketball.

body training

Well, of course, creative imagination will get you nowhere in your search for ways to jump higher. You must take inspired action to bring about the things you imagined in your mind into the reality of the world around you. Otherwise, it will be as it is: just a figment of your imagination, which won’t win you any games.

That said, there are exercises you can do to train your body to follow what your mind tells it to do. These include:

* Ankle jumps to strengthen the ankles, which is done by walking on the heels

* Stretches that work the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors, all of which are important for higher and stronger jumps. You can walk and run on your toes for about 20 minutes every other day.

* Do 100 squats of 10 sets of 10 reps or do as many calf raises as you can.

These exercises will produce noticeable results in your jumping power within 2 weeks if done the right way. Just be patient and the benefits will come to you.

In fact, the power of mind and body training combined is a powerful answer to the question of how to jump higher.

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