Improve your vertical jump with plyometric exercises

Do you know that you can improve your vertical jump?

NBA coaches have long known that a player can improve his jump height with proper training. In fact, it’s largely thanks to training that most NBA players can jump from 28 to 34 inches high.

But how do you improve your vertical jump?

The key, according to coaches and athletes alike, is exercise. Not just any exercise, mind you, but plyometric exercises. The good thing about plyometrics is that it improves a lot of things, not just your vertical jump. For example, in addition to improving your jump height, these exercises also

  • develop speed and power.
  • improve agility.
  • improve coordination.
  • improve sports performance.

There are many benefits to doing plyometric exercises. But, there are also risks. Performed incorrectly or without a solid foundation in basic principles, plyometrics can increase a player’s risk of injury! This makes proper guidance crucial. If you have money for a personal trainer, get one. But if you don’t, get the next best thing for a personal trainer: a guide. With a guide, you can go over the basics and learn how and when to do the different routines correctly.

Here are some tips to help you improve your vertical jumps safely.

1. Warm up before you start doing plyometric routines.

2. Start slow. Small jumps are the best way to go. You can increase the intensity of your jumps as you develop more power in your legs.

3. Land softly so that your body can absorb the impact properly.

4. Stop whatever routine you are doing as soon as you start feeling joint pain.

5. Wear shoes that provide adequate cushioning.

6. Perform plyometric exercises only on padded or soft surfaces.

Vertical exercises can improve your vertical jump quickly and effectively. But, go over how to do it right. Better safe than sorry!

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