Jump higher and dunk on the basketball court – increase your vertical jump

Have you ever stared in amazement at a 10-foot hoop, wishing you could jump higher and shoot the basketball through the hoop with authority? You watch basketball on TV and you look at the things those pros can do with the ball, wishing you could replicate some of it. Sure, it helps that some of those guys are 6-foot-9 with a clear height advantage, but when you see the little guy, that 5-foot-9 guy gliding through the air like a helicopter and diving with power, it must surely cross your mind. that maybe it could be you jumping above the rest.

There are now a select few people who are born with an incredible amount of athleticism. They are the lucky ones, but for the rest of us, we all have to work a little harder to dunk the basketball, yes, that includes even some greats. I’m a pretty tall and clear guy myself, I get up but I’m surrounded by guys under 6 foot flying into the ring.

Why is that? Well, smaller guys have a head start when it comes to dunking. They have a lot more aerial ground to cover, so some work a lot harder to get there. How? Well, like any physical activity, exercise, training, and diet are your answers.

improve your diet

Don’t worry, no one is going to suggest that you stop eating and live off the leaves. Dieting doesn’t mean eating less, but eating smarter. Nutrition is a topic on its own really, but here are some tips. Reduce the consumption of saturated fats, that is, fried foods. Try to eat complex carbohydrates, ie whole wheat bread instead of white bread. The most important thing is to increase your protein intake: fish, chicken, meat, nuts and eggs.

build stronger legs

You need to build the base to improve your jumping ability. Weight training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, leg curls, and leg raises will help you build your muscles to handle jumping and repetitive movements.

Gain speed and explosiveness

This is extremely crucial and can really make a difference. Jumping obviously gets you there, but to spike you also have to attack the rim. Forget all those slow 30-minute jogs on the treadmill. Why not run every 20 seconds in one minute and spend the other 40 seconds jogging over a 15 minute period? That’s just one exercise that can help your explosiveness.

try to jump higher

Just jumping as much as possible. There are a few things you can do, like jumping on one leg repeatedly until you feel the burn, then switching to the other leg. Another exercise is to stand on the first step at the bottom of a staircase, feet sticking out with your toes supporting all of your weight, then simply push off your body weight with your toes, then release and repeat. There are a plethora of exercises that you can refer to in order to jump higher.

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