Jumping Manual Review – Jacob Hiller Jumping Manual Program

The Jump Manual is written by Jacob Hiller, an experienced athletic trainer. It is considered today as the most complete guide to increase the height of your jumps in a short time. The fundamentals of his system were based on 8 years of development as he continued to train his athletes.

In fact, this manual has worked better for many professional and novice athletes in different areas of sport and leisure, mainly in increasing their vertical jumps. Because of this, he saw a better return on his end of the deal.

The Jump Manual is without a doubt one of the best investments you can get. It includes a series of videos, well-written text explanations, personal email training, and the 9 secrets of vertical jump training that only Jacob Hiller can teach and no one else. There are also plenty of bonuses up for grabs, so you really get your money’s worth.

The entire Manual Jumping Program is sure to increase your vertical jump through different training tables and videos that will instruct you on how to proceed with each exercise. You’ll also become more aware of how some exercises are better than others and learn how to use the stretch-shortening cycle, plyometrics, and other complex training to build your performance.

The reputation of this program has been highly acclaimed in recent years and continues to grow. The Jump Manual is something that no one will regret having as the experience that the author has had in the past is something that cannot be ignored. The results of his program would suggest a zero return rate, which would only indicate that people who had previously invested in him were highly satisfied. It can be purchased for just $67 and for something that’s guaranteed to increase your jump height by 10 inches, it’s well worth it.

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