Saddiq Bey since donning headband: 6/19/3 at 58%TS in 44 games.

Headband Bey has been a huge bright spot for the Pistons and has established himself as a starting caliber piece going forward. His production of 19/6/3 at 58% TS has been impressive, and he only averages 1.2topg, making him a pretty efficient offensive option. The space he provides will also be key moving forward as Bey is shooting 37.5% 3PT on over 8.3 attempts per game during this stretch. In the NBA, only 8 players try more and only 2 (FVV and Steph Curry) do it while shooting better than 37.5%. Not only is Bey an efficient offensive option who makes room for his teammates when he’s not on the ball, but he’s quickly establishing himself as one of the highest-volume 3-point shooters in the NBA. However, things weren’t looking so good this season before the headband. In his first 26 games this season before donning the headband, Bey averaged just 12/6/2 in 35/30/74 splits for 44% TS. Amazing what one headband can do – imagine next season when I finally wear two.


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