Single-leg jump exercise: the penultimate step

When we are performing the single leg jump, it is the last two steps that we find most critical.

The penultimate step (long step, also known as penultimate step) after a shorter jump step that launches a person into the air. The main key to getting your forward momentum and directing it upwards is to be as proficient as possible. Since it is the last step that launches you into the air and it is much shorter, all the energy that comes from your upward momentum will be limited for a fraction of a second (like charging a spring) until it is released with actual liftoff. This exercise was made and designed to help you feel that load and release of your upward momentum by isolating only the last few steps of the single leg jump. Just follow these simple instructions.

When jumping with the left leg (invert everything when jumping with the right leg)

1. Stand with your right leg well behind you. (reverse if using right leg)

2. Push your weight forward by throwing all eight legs out in front of you. (reverse if using right leg)

3. Follow this with a short step with the left leg that launches it into the air. (reverse if using right leg)

The key to doing this is to FEEL the transition from a long stride to a short stride and the charge of your momentum on take off. A better way to practice this is with 2 reps without jumping followed by 2 jumping steps.

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