[The Athletic] Al Horford’s family says he was “nostalgic” for Boston during his tenure in Philadelphia, and that they “continued to support Boston, because they’re not idiots.”

[[Source]](https://theathletic.com/3358353/2022/06/09/celtics-al-horford-family-finals/) Article by Jared Weiss >”I tell people that I think we fully manifest his return to Boston because everyone wanted it so much. Somehow we got it out in the open,” Anna said. “Al has also alluded to that. He always missed Boston when he was in Philly and when he was in Oklahoma. Somehow the stars aligned and we came back here, and everything worked out perfectly.” >”We as a family rejoiced because that was the best decision he made, to return to the Celtics,” said Tito, who spent three seasons in the NBA. “We know that we love the people of the Boston area; we love everything about Boston. The way they receive it makes us even happier. So for his return to Boston, everyone in the family was excited and happy.” > ”We were still Celtics fans when he was in Philly and when he was in OKC. We couldn’t let him go,” Maria said. “They showed us so much love, and that wasn’t something we were willing to let go of, so we just never did. And we are back!” >”Philadelphia fans hated us there,” Anna added. “They hated us for [staying Celtics fans].” >”We continue to support Boston, because they are not idiots,” Josh said.

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