The best exercises to improve vertical jump: Simple training to jump higher!

If you want the best exercises to improve your vertical jump, pay attention: the best type of training to jump higher IS NOT just for building leg strength. What you need to realize is that for maximum performance you need to improve TOTAL BODY STRENGTH to improve your vertical jump.

Although it is an advantage to have strong legs…it is not the key factor that will make you jump higher and dive ‘left, right and center’.

Like I said… TOTAL BODY STRENGTH is the main factor in getting you to jump higher. And the best exercises to improve your vertical jump is one that works your large muscle group, which strengthens your core muscles. A strong core will translate to a stronger body and an increase in your vertical jump.

If you don’t believe it, just look at the basketball players, volleyball players… and Australian rules footballers. These athletes are not only strong, but also fit, powerful, and have great vertical jumps. There is not the slightest hint of larger leg muscle groups over the upper body!

You see…it’s their general conditioning that allows them to perform at their MAX, give them the advantage to jump higher. So what are the best types of exercises to improve your vertical jump?

The best workouts to jump higher are HIGH INTENSITY cardio training and TOTAL BODY resistance training. It gives you a complete workout to strengthen your core muscles and improve your fitness level. When you’re in shape, you’re in your optimal physical condition to perform effectively and jump higher.

And add ‘Plyometrics’ – you’ll have the best combination of exercises to improve your vertical jump in no time.

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