Tips to Increase Vertical Jump – High Jump Training Manual

Although not all of us are naturally gifted at dunking a basketball, it is possible to take steps to increase your vertical jumping aptitude. Essentially all it takes is dedication, structured exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some great tips to start reaching for the sky.

First of all, you need to start by eating a healthy diet. As with many things, this should mean increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed. It will also help to reduce the consumption of sugars, saturated fats and alcohol on a regular basis.

Reducing excess body fat is fundamentally important, of course, and this can be further reduced by introducing a dedicated daily cardio workout to your program. Building total muscle mass should actually be kept to a minimum, but through calorie burning, a positive impact on proper body mass and toned structure will help achieve great results.

The leg muscles must be worked directly with weights; as much as you can really handle. This will help you hone your skills to get the explosive boost that is required. Spending key time on exercises like lunges, presses, curls, and squats will dramatically improve things.

Oddly enough, one of the most important aspects of self-improvement is through practicing your vertical jumps. His technique must be perfected, of course; which is individual for each person. But he will also work the muscles in the right areas; in essence, educating them for the task at hand. It is recommended to complete sets of at least ten to fifteen jumps each day.

Greater dexterity can be achieved in the vertical jump; through dedication and commitment to the cause. While all necessary steps must be taken to ensure safety; you really should push yourself as hard as you can and beyond to really come out on top, literally.

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